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Law Lite Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

Travis and P.J. chat it up with Harry Pedigo, Executive Director of St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter. They discuss the importance of their role in our community, mental health and Harry opens up about his struggles that brought him to a better place. Great Law. Less Legal. Law Done Lite!

Mar 19, 2021

Managing Partner Travis Holtrey along with his co-hort P.J. Starks talk about the incredible growth FWH has seen in the past five years as well as discussing the future. It's a hopeful episode with a dash of hilarity. Great Law. Less Legal. Law Done Lite!

Mar 12, 2021

Criminal Defense Attorney John Bennett joins Travis and P.J. to discuss criminal law and the various aspects of his area of practice. It's what's sure to be a criminally underrated episode. Great Law. Less Legal. Law Done Lite!

Mar 5, 2021

In this episode we meet Vincent Sarageno. Foreman Watson and Holtrey's newest addition to our growing Media Arts Department. We also reveal the sordid backstory of Travis's 'Lady Justice' Statue.